Pavlo Danylchenko
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About Me

I was born on the 9th of august 1951 in the city of Makeyevka, Donetsk region, Ukraine.
In 1974 I have finished Bauman Moscow technical university. My speciality is "optic-electronic instruments and devices".
In 1994 I have worked out and published (in Russian) The Gauge-evolutional theory of Creation (space, time, gravitation and the Universe expansion), which is the further development of the general theory of relativity.
I work in SPE "GeoSystem", Vinnitsa, Ukraine ( I am the leading specialist in optical systems. I develop specialized lenses (objectives) with high resolution and high aperture ratio, and also complex multicomponent optical systems. I supervise the production of optical components - spherical mirrors, lenses, prisms, optical filters, plane-parallel plates.
I am the member of International Society of Philosophy and Cosmology (ISPC)(
My main interests, not related to my job:
- theory of relativity (gravithermodynamics);
- synergetic theory of elementary particles of matter;
- history of geographical discoveries and explorations;
- world history (antiquity, Middle Ages);
- antique and medieval literatures (Arabic, Persian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese).

e-mail: pavlodanylchenko@gmail.comm
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